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One Smile, One Wave, One Conversation

Think back to the last interaction you had with someone...maybe it was a close friend, someone in the line at the grocery store, your mom on the phone...

Was it positive?

Did you actually engage? ...or was it more on the robotic side of conversation.

"How are you?" "Good, and you?" "Good."

I don't know about you all but we all know there is so much more to it than just "good." I am 100% guilty of this scenario, but I am working on it. Can you say the same?!

Sure, most quick interactions are this way for a reason. We are ALL so0o0o0o0o busy...going from one thing to another without really recognizing all the puzzle pieces that make each day possible and different from the last. Most of those puzzle pieces are people. People of all backgrounds, diverse experiences trying to live out their story on a daily basis. People looking to inspire and be inspired.

Now imagine this... That one person you made a slight interaction with waiting in line could change the course of your future. Sounds ridiculous but IT'S TRUE and this is what has inspired me to write this blog.

The past handful of months for me have been pretty darn eye opening in this regard. I have connected and conversed with so many incredible people who were all extremely like-minded. I would have never realized this if I didn't open up and speak my truth...from the heart.

my passion my goals my fears

REAL life stuff...and then you learn all about others and not just the surface.

What makes YOUR HEART GLOW day after day?! It's in these times of exchange that can change the course of your future and the future of those surrounding you.

I'm sure most of you have seen, listened to, or read the speech of the legendary Oprah at the Golden Globes. There is quote that stood out to me and no matter what context it was used in the speech. It spoke to what has been a lingering thought in my mind lately.

"What I know for that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have."

-Oprah Winfrey

Dive underneath the surface and speak and act from the heart. Speak More. Interact More. Do More. The outcomes are limitless.

Most importantly...WALK YOUR TALK

This is just the beginning...

Thrive on <3 Jess

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