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My Why Part II

Because one blog on MY WHY isn’t enough.

I feel so strongly about this that a part II is necessary.

Have you ever read or listened to someone put a set of your own thoughts into perfect words? Like you knew exactly how you felt but wasn’t sure how to articulate it until you heard someone else say it almost poetically. This happens often when I listen to Rob Bell speak.

One thing that I have struggled to put into words is my current situation in life. It is a child hood dream come true.

The opportunity to pursue triathlon at the highest level, it requires ALL of me to make it. It is an extremely selfish sport and endeavor but in the least negative connotation. Right here & right now is the time to be selfish and devote all energy to one goal. I encourage this type of endeavor to all, especially all my fellow mid 20 friends who are still trying to figure it out, but lets be real...age doesn't matter here, I think in some way, shape or form we are all always trying to figure it out. I speak and write often about a life of service and purpose. Rob Bell hit the home run for me during one of his talks I just recently listened to.

He spoke of what it meant to take good care of yourself (which is not rocket science) and how this can then turn into the best way you serve others. You give yourself piece by piece as you are ready and able. The best way you give yourself to the world is when you prioritize your health and well being ( Mind & Body) to the point where you can BE THERE and BE FULLY PRESENT when serving others. This is when the biggest impact is made on those you encounter. My heart dropped when I heard this. Every molecule in my being was like "YES!!" that's it. Talk about resonating with something full on.

“Find your rituals, develop your routine, create those practices that ground and center you. Stick to them, don’t apologize for them, treat them, even the small things, like they’re big things.”- Rob Bell


I have discovered along my journey and adventure driven life, that this is the answer. I have and continue to find ways to give a little bit of myself to help and serve others. These pieces will always look different, but they will continue to build as I seek out more opportunities to get involved in community and the future of the next generation BUT I do this as I continue to pursue my own dreams and craft the future I desire.

The end result. A true creation of MY MASTERPIECE.

Now...I urge you to Live Your Masterpiece.

Thrive on <3


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