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My Why Part I

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

WHY?! The infamous question.

Behind every person is a story. A reason WHY.

Thoughts, decisions, and choices are all a result of a desired outcome or purpose. Past life experiences, people, and events influence these, which makes us all so different and our desired plans in life so individual. However, I would like to believe we ALL have one desire in common, the craving of fulfillment and purpose. Over the last handful of years, I have made it a point to live each day purposely with a purpose driven future. The feeling it creates daily is the sweetest addiction.

Over the course of these years, I have discovered and honed in on what makes me feel fulfilled and where my raw talents lie. I quickly recognized that the littlest things make the most impact and when the little things stack up through out the day, I end the day feeling PROUD that I made the most of the hours that are given. In my opinion, not much beats this feeling.

Grasping on to what I thought I was good at, I would sit and ponder what type of “career” I would want to pursue. As a little girl, I was always into sports and would find pure enjoyment in pushing myself and I held on tight to all the positive feedback I would get as a result of that. I found myself running on the weekends for fun. Dragging my little sisters into doing other dry land exercises and routines as an experiment on my body and mind. I’m not sure if my sisters would say the same but I wanted to share the “fun” (lol). I would find myself reading about the strongest women in soccer at the time, especially, Mia Hamm. I wanted to learn her methods and approach. I wanted to pursue a career in my sport. At the time, it was soccer, but this was around the time that Triathlon was a professional pursued sport and you GET TO DO THREE SPORTS IN ONE. No lie, this was music to my ears.

The lifestyle and every day grit and process of it all was appealing to me ever since I learned what it took to get to that level. This, then lead me to researching and reading more about health and fitness, related to human performance. The mind, the body, everything.

Fortunately, I’ve always felt like I live in my own little world 90% of the time…being realistic yet never letting my dreamer tendencies drift. Thankful that societal pressures never really seemed to get to me, I knew if I kept my ideal future in mind every day and paired it with honest hard work, I’d get to some interpretation of it. Doesn’t mean I never had my doubts, I just learned how to overcome those earlier on before it would ruin my trajectory. My mother will tell you it’s because I was so darn good at being stubborn.

To no surprise, when the idea of Live Your Masterpiece was born a couple years ago, I dove in head first. I feel so strongly about helping young kids, girls especially, see their potential and building confidence at the youngest age possible. Mentoring and coaching kids every day for the past four years has been a testament to how strongly I feel about being a positive, strong female influence and how passionate and inclined I feel to make a difference. Not just with kids but with everyone of all ages. The beauty in it lies in the impact these kids and people also have on me as I am after the best version of myself everyday. It's always full circle.

I believe when you want something bad enough and you surround yourself with positive energy, thoughts, and influences, if the efforts and actions are there, your dreams start becoming reality.

& and here I am.

Thrive on <3


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