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My GOLDen Nuggets 2016~

September 12th 2016

“The keys to success in life is relationships. And the key to powerful relationships in vulnerability and being real. That’s the quickest way to build a relationship and create connection with someone. “

– Lewis Howes

September 15th 2016

Byron Davis

****live your epic life

- Identify/own how you prepare

- Trust in knowing all you can do

- Allow yourself to let go

- Get out of your mind

London Real-

System-greatest pharmacy


Passionate enough to invest in it over and over


Dandipani- Live more consciously- Manual for mind

Awareness- Mind

-use willpower to move awareness

-where awareness goes energy flows

-give people permission to alter awareness

Concentrate- willpower- mental muscle

Have you been taught?

The power of observation- pit falls-opportunity

Energy Vampire

Energy is a finite resource

Know thyself is the greatest gift

Proceed with confidence

Happiness is the byproduct of the lifestyle being pursued

Bruce Lipton- The biology of Belief

-Your own DNA can be altered based on belief and expression

-The placebo effect-result of positive thinking negative

-Epigenetics- Perception of environment changes activity

Adjustment of consciousness

The first 7 years of your life you get to programmed- conscious parenting 95% of behavior is subconscious

Chris Hauth 7/21 Rich Roll

I feel as though there are so many out there looking for meaning not in a deeper spiritual way but instead that they are missing something.

Something fulfilling

Something that sets their wires straight

I think that's why ultra endurance and endurance world of adventures events and expeditions has gained so much appeal of late.

I believe it satisfies these needs this sense of purpose, sense of living to our potential. This self realization that there is more to us than sleeping, eating, and working/career

Of course there is a time for family and in more rare cases unfortunately, community and church and more but one thing is missing in all of this

The time for SELF, the time for self help, the time for spending time with thoughts, reflections, elevated heart rate, muscular activity and most importantly fresh air, nature

Endurance events allow for this and more..

A connection with nature with the environment, with its beauty and its ability to revive us. We are hard-wired for nature to be outside, to live connected to our environment

To feel it, to play and struggle in it, to be changed by it and therefore change ourselves.

This sense of adventure challenge, struggle and realization is what pulls people to becoming endurance athlete, to discover their potential, at first maybe not a huge step but seeing what we are capable of

and growing from there to a new potential and all the while, connecting to our truest, rawest inner self, how we are hard

wired as animals to nature, to the outdoors to a sense of feeling alive in it via activity. everything is active around us

in nature and of course we as humans are part of this nature, part of this growth and vibrant balance and as continues to grow to new challenges which then adds some fear and curiosity and uncertainty

to it.

Which again brings us back to our true, raw self that human living with the outdoors and feeling most all when we are truly challenged

physically an mentally via nature and our endeavors in it.

Nothing can replace that

As it is our truest raw self, it's buried very deep down there but more athletes connect with it, the more they realize how much that dormant self was in there and they want

to unlock and unleash more it makes them better

more energetic

more healthier

more happier

more creative

more efficient

more connected and therefore more caring.

The stewardship of our environment and nature begins with loving our self in it and feeling this connection to it.

WE begin to unlock this hard wiring and allow it to fire more and more in order to feel alive and joyful and happy and motivated in our days.

Josh Waitzkin

Dreaming Yourself awake

embrace your funk, extrinsicinsites

Ryan Flaherty


I wake up each day with the firm conviction that I am nowhere near my full potential. Greatness is a verb.

- Maurice Ashley

The master key system

The most powerful forces of nature are invisible forces, so we find that the most powerful forces of man are invisible forces, his spiritual force, and the only way in which the spiritual force can manifest itself through the process of thinking.

There is a world within-a world of thought and feeling and power, of light and life and beauty and although invisible, its forces are mighty.

Omnipotent law- Fundamental basis of all things law of causation

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams-

Ellenor Roosevelt


In real life, being relentless is a state of mind that can give you strength to achieve, to survive, be strong when others are not. It means craving the end result so intensely that work becomes

irrelevant. Not just in sports, but in everything you do.


Master the Law of Attraction

Gratitude hour- Alone with the Universe THANK YOU

YES theory

" we believe that life can be as authentic & fulfilling as you seek discomfort."

You have a choice. You are not your thoughts/ Think about things you want + Love

Negativity is an instinct- Hardwired to threats or danger. BUT you can program it for how you want.

"the better we know ourselves, the less we fear."

- Gregg Braden

David Goggins 12/8/18

Earn the sunrise Examine your brain- the body will adjust

The mind is powerful

" Love yourself like your life depends on it...because it does."

-Anita moorjani

Robert Greene-

Inability to understand people

-human nature

origins of wisdom- know thyself

-examining emotions- why? introspection- process of understanding

Robert greene-

Laws of human Nature- Shifting persona depending on the person you meet.

everyone is complex-what makes them different


The ultimate power- Everyone holds it in their own hands, like a sculpture with material he will fashion into a figure, but it's the same

with that type of artistic activity as with all others.

We are merely born with the capability to do it. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated.

-Keep this feeling alive

True masters have nothing to prove to anyone.

Killian Rose- Summits of my life Journey

" I define myself as a lover of mountains. I like competing, but,above all, I conceive sport as- a way to discover landscapes both inside and outside you


Deye Mon gen mon

Beyond Mountains there are mountains

The pursuit of fulfillment leads you to excellence " their individuality"

Deeply engaged with their own thing

Personalized success is living a life of fulfillment and excellence.

" Infinite patience, steely determination"

The mindful runner

-fear and panic management while competing-running

-calculate time/neg. self talk

Rob Bell-

The whole thing is a temple.


What people want is a sense of awe and wonder " I get to do this?!"

" I didn't ask for success, I asked for wonder, and god gave it to me."

How you respond to it matters

Never once in my life dd I ask god for success or power or fame. I asked for wonder and he gave it to me.




Meaning machines

give meaning to meaningless things but make meaningful things to meaningless.


-Exotic cocktail.

-Free as a bird, it's the next best thing


" Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.”

" sow a thought, reap an action, sow an act, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

When the roller coaster of life gets bumpy, take a break and give gratitude for how you've come. Find

something in your surroundings or in your accomplishments to appreciate. Breath...

What are you doing in your life that's FULL ON? #letsgetfullon


David Allen

- Your head is a crappy office

formulating idea space

WE use the phrase, " Mind like water"

It deals with things coming at you that you can't see.

To have a world where there are no problems, only projects

What you do with that room is quite unique to you.

All you need to do is deal with what's in front of you with as much elegance and excellence as you can and the next thing will show up


Belief systems

- Invisible laws we don't understand- mind like water. focus on breathing. back to present

The art of managing life flow

Martial ( surprise, aesthetic forces)

inner life.

Joe Rogan

Choose your struggle

embark on your struggle * monkey brain

-minimized by work.

The dark shadows are minimized by- creating your own struggle through work, training, exercise, rigorous physical struggle. The more it minimizes the other struggles in life. BETTER this way

Don't need any real horse shit- I like to make my own. Doing so minimized everything else.

So much conflict is exaggerated by yourself.

I have to do all the work***

Ability to endure

The power of the mind to enure.

Meagan Good- Impact Theory

" If you want something to believe you can have it."

- Some women are lost in the fire, some are built from it.

It's the only option

Mindset/perception/do the work

let me see what I can do.

Faith Walk- Im going to go into the direction I want to go.

Have the Faith/Mindset/Perception

everything possible within my power." going enough or go above= Mental toughness

Magic happens- ANother gear

Brene Brown-

What we know is that connection is the ability to feel connected. its neurobiologically- that's how we are wired it's why we are here

Connection-shame-fear of disconnection

In order for connection to happen we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen.

Sense of worthiness- believe they are worthy.

" whole hearted" Courage- to be imperfect-tell the story of who you are with you whole heart

-compassion- kind of self first, then others. We can't practice compassion with others if we can't treat ourselves kindy

Connection- let go of who people think you should be in, in order to be who they were. As a result of Authenticity.

*** Fully embrace vulnerability what makes you beautiful

Well, I have vulnerability issue, and it is the core of shame, fear, struggle for worthiness, but it appears its also the birthplace

of joy, of creativity, of belonging of love

Walking contradiction

push+pull- do not like to be defined

Teddy Roosevelt- Live in the arena.

They made a decision that I will make every shot that I take, I will win every game that I plan.

Sadhfuru- 5/21/18

8 hours- 50% of life- basic maintenance of life.

compulsive cycles- if you are sensitive to life, you are the biggest issue in your life,"

" You are never the issue, my thought, my energy, my emotion. They are my instruments not my impairment in life.

90% compulsions are ruling them.

Everyone wants a solution but nobody is willing to dive into the problem.

Born out of cyclic moment- means compulsiveness atoms circle, solar system, born from a cycle galaxy. But youre supposed to stand on the platform and act or else someone will come dance on you.

Blissful chemistry

What are the instruments of your experience. Suppose you doze off- you don't know you are here.

Seekers are alone

-intrinsic to human intelligence if you don't bullshit yourself, natural seekers. You don't have to have to teach seeking, you have to teach belief systems.

" If you take any activity, any art, any discipline, any skill-take it and push it as far as it will go, push it beyond where it has ever been before push it to the wildest edges of edges, then you force it into the realm of magic.

- Tom Robbins.

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