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**Honest moment**

I really don't expect people to be reading these. It's just a really wonderful outlet for me and all my thoughts that really never get said out loud unless I am asked specifically. There's only one way to release. So, here it is.

So, if there are two eyes on these words that are not mine, thanks for tuning in ;)

All month I have been blogging for RISE Athletes “Athlete Mindset Blog” and creating content on their Instagram platform about topics regarding self-awareness. So, naturally, I am constantly thinking about it, which means I am reminded of my own self-awareness more than usual. It's really a blessing. It forces me to do even more mental work than I already hold myself accountable to doing and for that I am grateful to be a part of such a strong team and mission.

Below is the result of all this self-awareness chatter going on this month.

I am a strong feeler. Most of the time, to me, this is one of my greatest gifts. I do & I say & I react based mostly on how things feel internally more than anything. Sometimes it can end up being completely logical or i'll end up somewhere on cloud 9. It's a balance and unpredictable.

Many may be thinking “doesn’t everyone?!”...perhaps! BUT I can only speak for me and what's inside and what I can tell you...IT IS STRONG and that is about the only explanation I can create for it... “the feels.”

I will say, the feeling of others energies also impact me strongly...and without control, it will most definitely shift the way I feel too. It depends on the person too and how strongly I am connected to them. The only way to control this is to choose who I surround myself with...and more times than not, you will find me alone. NOT because I do not enjoy other people, I am also a people person when I am in the proper setting. I have met people who have literally LIT me on fire and our energies are magnetic and compliment each other so well and I have met people who do the complete opposite. We are all familiar with this feeling. Obviously, our energies and feelings are not stagnant...they are always changing throughout the day, the week, our it's a constant game of keeping up and adapting.

With hours upon hours of work...self work...and many uncomfortable situations, I have become extremely in tune with my mind and body. It is a continuing work in progress, as I am always growing, changing, meeting new people, trying new things, etc.

With all being said, this can be my biggest downfall. Feeling so strongly for things, my surroundings, towards others, can punch me right in the face. And when I get that punch in the hurts. Bad.

The really cool, yet exhausting part about the mind and’s ALWAYS changing. Keeping us on our toes. One can never do enough inner work & I make it a point to be very self aware every day. There are times where all I want to do is be mindless and watch a show or a movie...but instead I sit and have a conversation with myself. Whether I feel great, hurt, down, excited...I do it. It allows me to learn my own ways and go through my reaction,thoughts, choice of words or lack there of in all scenarios through out the day. Learning about me as I learn about the others in my life

. It is great to allow yourself to be mindless too! However, make that part of the day a reward after the work is done.

-Thrive on <3


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