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Flyin' Solo

Traveling alone is honestly kind of terrifying.

You are in a foreign country surrounded by foreign language and culture.

However, Huahine now feels like a second home and I have been able to develop such a connection and bond with my Water brothers and sisters that I feel very comfortable.

ADAPTABILITY and LETTING GO are two massive lessons learned and now practiced. I am no doubt a creature of habit and when I am home, I stick to my routine. The biggest stickler you know. I do this because I know it has brought me great success so far, however I am fully aware of needing to break those cycles for sanity purposes.

Its empowering to do things alone. It forces you to be with yourself, in yourself. I don’t care how foo foo that sounds. The real success lies within inner peace. If you can be your own best friends, the things in life just...its just all around better. You don’t necessarily need or rely on anyone or anything but they only ADD to your life ad make it that much more extraordinary. YOU have to be that foundation. That’s a lesson I’ve learned. It’s not an easy lesson to learn. When you’re alone, even if you’re not trying to learn about yourself, you do.

There is A LOT of thinking time here in Huahine, which is wonderful. It’s nice to be able to 100% LISTEN and soak up the conversation with a person, really getting to hear the words and how what they’re saying makes them feel and then respond in a way that is meaningful.

The very first thing I wrote down in my Notebook of Golden Nuggets was a quote about relationships...

September 12th 2016

“The keys to success in life is relationships. And the key to powerful relationships in vulnerability and being real. That’s the quickest way to build a relationship and create connection with someone. “

– Lewis Howes

...looking back, this was no coincidence. It has held so much power in my life since. Not only relationships with others but most of all with YOURSELF.

This is somethings I have realized that many seem to put on the back burner. Often so worried about what the relationships with others and how others perceive them, rather than shifting all of that energy inward, figuring that shit out and then worrying about others and building healthy, long lasting relationships.

It is OK to be selfish and do YOU while you can. I’m 25 years old and I have nothing tying me down, so yes, it is easy for me to say but we all have a choice. I think hearing the words of empowerment to take those actions and know that it is OK to do so is important, especially for all the younger kids.


Photo Credit: Jerome Brouillet

Thrive on <3


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