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Can we learn a thing or two? HUAHiNE STYLE

I don’t even know what day it is...but I am here in Huahine typing this on my phone, drinking coffee with local, freshly made coconut milk, on the balcony looking over the lagoon, sun in my face, eating a Rickaroon, just thinking…I AM GRATEFUL TO FRIGGIN BE HERE.

There’s a lot one can learn staying on one of the islands in French Polynesia...especially Huahine.

The lifestyle is SIMPLE. If you can’t learn to let go and enjoy the simple and slow things in may go nutzo here. As I type, I look to my left and see a group of local students on Holiday just playing in the lagoon. Just them. The Water. Most of the time you Tahitian flavored pop music on a loudspeaker and people just enjoy the company of their friends and their surrounding landscape ( which is quite magnificent). I feel many are thinking ( if I ever get around to posting this publicly) “I could do that!” But could you actually?! I am sitting here asking myself this same question. Maybe for a day or two but after awhile most would need something more...the need to feel busy and do more has really taken over us. NOT always a bad thing…but potentially toxic if there isn’t a line drawn.

This is something I constantly remind myself of...because I am just as guilty as anyone is O K to not be doing something all the damn time. Our minds are wired that way these days, if we aren’t doing a task. We aren’t being productive. That’s the thought pattern, right?!

When we aren’t being productive, this often means we aren’t making money or accomplishing a task which then leads us down a rabbit hole of many other anxiety producing thoughts...but STOP. I get it. We must make a living and that requires work, but just how much work is required to just live...and be happy?! Be content? Have enough?

It’s inevitable to not run around in circles with these thoughts and I know there is an argument against every point mentioned above and every culture may have their opinionated flaws but just take it for what it is.

Bottom line, we could learn a thing a two from French Polynesian culture.

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