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Back at it with Intro Part II

The goal is Encouraging individuality in a world that can be wrapped up in superficiality.

The goal is Motivating everyone to treat themselves like the Masterpiece they were created to be. To worship and to love and be confident with what they have and what they are blessed with.

With Live Your Masterpiece comes Balance ( however YOU may define & find it) which introduces the Lightning Bolt and the Wave.

The Lightning bolt is the CHARGE type approach to life and sport. I would consider myself an extreme character with an extreme personality...meaning, when there is a goal/thought/idea in mind it’s Go Big or Go Home…There is no “want” there is only “Do” or “Do Not.” I pride myself in being a Doer and I want to encourage others to do the same. To cultivate that self belief and achieve the things you have always dreamed or desired.

The Wave is a no brainer. I am in, on, or surrounded by a body of water on the daily. I use it to train in, to play in, to surf on, to lounge in, for relaxation or meditation…all that good stuff.

With Balance in mind…Compare and contrast a Lightning Bolt and a Wave…

Lightning Bolt- Explosive, Electric, Bright, Rapid, Sharp, Cracking, Zig-Zagged

Wave- Gradual, Rolling, Heavy, Vast, Undulating, Swirling, Breaking, smooth

Lightning is a sudden electric discharge and a Wave is an oscillation or vibration that is accompanied by a transfer of energy that moves through the water as one mass from one place to the other and then ends with what we see breaking on our coast lines. Despite the differences in the process of their creation, they both come from energies of the Earth. At times, both can be weak and other times much stronger, depending on the amount of energy produced or other obstacles that may be in the path of travel.

How could the use of two elements of our Earth become such a deep and pondering thought? I am beyond fascinated to think about it all in this way. It makes sense. There’s a deeper meaning to just about everything and I really wanted to dig deep on this.

The goal is to take the lightning bolt and wave and apply it to ALL aspects of life. Apply it to your Art and how you are creating your Masterpiece in this very moment. Be fast and explosive like lightning, yet smooth and gradual like a wave.

The goal is to have BOTH. THRIVE with both. Do things that are fast and explosive for the mind + Body. Build up that neuromuscular system. Give those fast twitch muscles some action. High intensity interval training with high heart rates and sweat flowing. Sprint up a hill or sand dune. Jump around. Dance Around.


Do things that are slow and calming for the mind + Body. Yoga, slow jog, bike ride on your cruiser, walk with your dogs, hike, laying outside to draw, read, or write, life talks with your best friend.

Both can be ingredients to a happy, healthy life when you put your OWN twist on it. Are these the only ingredients? Nope, but they work for me. Find what works for you. Trial and Error.

Treat your whole day as if it was a yoga practice. Flowing from one activity to the other fully engaged in each as if it was a separate pose/movement. At the end of the day, shavasana is your sleep. You gotta earn that sleep!!!

Practice, Master, Repeat.

<3 Thrive On- Jess

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