My Mission

With the combination of yours and my own energy, charisma, motivation, determination, and the relentless desire to achieve personal success to be the best possible version of ourselves, I want to create a solid support system and  atmosphere to share, instill, and inspire everyone to live their lives in a way that is truly more meaningful, fulfilling, and healthier.

Inspiration for the next generation

Kids Afterschool Fitness Clinics/Mentorship Program-

I have recognized how vital a positive and solid support system plays on going about daily living in order to accomplish personal goals of self-esteem, health, wellness, education, sport, and all other aspect of life.

With the first half of every week day being designated to school, it is essential to give the brain and body a break and allow some fresh air and change of scene to the daily routine before jumping straight into the studies and homework that come along with school. Giving the brain and body a break does not mean spending an hour on social media or watching netflix, it means getting outside and soaking up all the elements!

Here is where I come in!

I want to be a mentor and a part of your child/children’s support system and help them find, create, and practice their masterpiece.  The goal is to get outside and just move. 


Please reach out to for more info!


Boone, 13

Junior Guards and the pre-training was grueling and difficult, but so worth it!  I'm going into my 5th year and wouldn't miss it.  Coach Jess is awesome and pushes me, which I appreciate.

Molly, 14

Coach Jess has really helped shape the athlete and person I am today. She provides encouragement and advice as a swim coach and as a mentor. Watching her work towards her goals really motivates me and it makes me want to do better and be better. Coach Jess is extremely approachable, and she will support you no matter what.

Gracie, 16

Working with Jess for the next 9 months as I slowly regained my sense of self, and my love for swimming, was imperative. Jess provided a voice on the pool deck that wasn’t my own, and that understood what it was like to struggle, to feel like you are on the passenger side of the car of life watching it drive itself down a hill without brakes...Jess told me some important things that changed my perspective enough that when it came time for my last race, I did really well, and *spoiler* it is my favorite race currently.

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